Care, Learning and Housing Committee

Committee members

Chair: Mr J Finlayson (Ind)
Vice Chair: Linda Munro (Lib Dem)

  • Mrs J Barclay (Ind)
  • Mr B Boyd (SNP)
  • Mr R Bremner (SNP)
  • Mrs I Campbell (Ind)
  • Mrs G Campbell-Sinclair (SNP)
  • Mr A Christie (Lib Dem)
  • Mrs M Cockburn (SNP)
  • Mr J Finlayson (Ind)
  • Mr A Graham (Lib Dem)
  • Mr T Heggie (Ind)
  • Mr A Jarvie (Con)
  • Ms E Knox (SNP)
  • Mr D Mackay (Con)
  • Mr W MacKay (Ind)
  • Mr G MacKenzie (SNP)
  • Mrs I MacKenzie (Con)
  • Mr D Macpherson (Ind)
  • Mr R MacWilliam (SNP)
  • Mrs B McAllister (Lab)
  • Ms L Munro (Lib Dem)
  • Mrs M Paterson (Ind)
  • Mrs F Robertson (Ind)
  • Mr G Ross (Ind)
  • Ms N Sinclair (Ind)
  • Mr C Smith (Con)

NHS Representatives

  • Vacant
  • Prof H Van Woerden
  • Vacant

Religious Representatives

  • Ms S Lamont
  • The Very Rev S Murray
  • Mr W Skene

Youth Convener

  • Ms E Leitch