Climate Change Working Group (dissolved June 2022)

Tasks and responsibilities

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The Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) exists as a consultative forum, to provide advice and directional guidance on the climate, ecological and environmental sustainability agenda across The Highland Council’s estate, including its schools, non-domestic properties, services, and other areas within its realm of wider influence, and to support efforts to reduce emissions across the wider Highland area. This includes the following specific functions:

1.  To support and champion Highland’s high-quality environment, biodiversity, air, land, water, food products and renewable energy resources to bring appropriate commercial opportunities, maximise income whilst raising awareness of the need to protect and enhance our critical environmental assets. 
2.  To be updated on the legislative, regulatory, policy and practice issues in relation to climate change, sustainability and biodiversity issues which impact The Highland Council, by Council officers and key partners.
3.  To consider the development of a revised Carbon CLEVER vision for climate and ecological action that moves the Council’s agenda beyond risk-based compliance towards a more truly low-carbon Council.
4.  To propose new actions to achieve net zero by 2025, drawing out budgetary and other resource implications for the Council and wider Highland region.
5.  To receive, scrutinise and comment on a new Climate Change Plan for The Highland Council.
6.  To receive, scrutinise and comment on a new Energy Strategy & Action Plan for The Highland Council.
7.  To scrutinise and comment on the work being progressed under the respective remits of the Energy & Renewables and Staff Travel Project Boards.
8.  To consider and comment on responses to the Scottish Government and other relevant bodies regarding climate and ecological issues, including statutory reporting under Scotland’s Public Bodies Climate Change Duties.
9.  To consider how best to promote awareness of the need for climate and ecological action within the Council and amongst partner organisations including Community Planning Partners, the Highland Environment Forum, and where appropriate, the wider community in Highland.
10. To identify, support and champion climate and ecological progress across the Council whilst providing an appropriate level of critical challenge for the organisation.
11. To take evidence and consider specific Highland issues, for example, electrical grid constraints, which impact the Council’s low carbon ambitions.
12. To consider and make recommendations to The Highland Council and / or any other appropriate strategic committee in relation to these matters, including any proposed changes or developments to Highland Council policy & strategy.