Road Safety

Safer Routes to School

School Travel Plan and Parksmart

There is increasing concern about pupils’ declining health and lack of exercise because they are being driven to school. This is having an impact on schools by increasing traffic congestion. It also reduces opportunities for pupils to develop and practice important road awareness skills.

Safer Routes to School is helping to tackle this by improving safety and removing barriers to walking and cycling to school. Funding is available on application to schools for cycle storage, improving routes to school and addressing road safety issues to encourage active travel.

Large Grant Funding (£3,000 to £30,000) can be applied for by an individual Highland school towards Cycling, Walking, Wheeling and Safer Streets projects. Bids are subject to approval by Members at Area Committee and are capped at £30,000. A School Travel Plan must be produced to or an update of your existing plan.

Small Grant Funding (up to £3,000) is available to all Highland schools, applications are approved by the Road Safety Unit. A School Travel Plan is not required for small grants.

SRTS Application Form for large or small grants.

Hi-Vis Vests and Cycle and Scooter Storage can be requested by all Highland schools.

School Travel Plan

A School Travel Plan (STP) is a short document made by the school about the journey to and from school. It aims to:

  • Encourage pupils, parents and staff to think about travel choices and choose alternatives to the car when coming to school
  • Encourage active travel like walking and cycling
  • Measure change and shifts in the way we travel

For more information on developing a STP please contact the Road Safety Team.


If parking is an issue at your school you can design a Parksmart banner for the school gate or fence to stop vehicles being parked on the footway, road markings or where they prevent safe road crossing. This can be run as a competition with the best artwork printed on the banner. Leaflets can also be provided through the Road Safety Team to be handed out to drivers. Read about Parksmart.