Road Safety

Go For It (walking, cycling, scooting and wheeling reward card)

Go For It is our incentive project to encourage active lifestyles and to reduce school gate parking congestion.

Pupils gain points for active travel to or from school to gain a reward. Find out more about GO FOR IT .

Go For It rewards

Walk, cycle, scoot or wheel 50 times to or from school to earn one Go For It Reward Card from the Road Safety Unit. One reward card is redeemable against one Activity Reward or one Prize Reward. Select a Go For It Reward.

Incentive rewards

We can provide schools with smaller rewards as an incentive to encourage pupils that reach half way (25 active journeys) to encourage them to achieve 50 active journeys to or from school. Small rewards include pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rulers, reflective stickers, keyrings and reflective slap-bands. For more information contact the Road Safety Unit.


Reward Charts for classrooms can be requested here:

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