Road Safety

Junior Road Safety Officer

The Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) scheme promotes road safety by encouraging pupils to raise awareness of road safety issues at their primary school. As a JRSO you will:

  • Present road safety information
  • Create a road safety noticeboard
  • Run Parksmart
  • Monitor pupils to make sure that they participate in road safety events

 Find ideas and resources at All Together for Road Safety.

JRSO training

Annual training days take place for new JRSO's to help them deliver road safety education and include ideas of what to put on your road safety noticeboard, subjects to cover with pupils and fun ideas. The Road Safety Unit inform head teachers of when and where training days will take place.

JRSO Prizes

Prizes are available for JRSOs to give out to the pupils who follow road safety rules, wear high visibility clothing and help their friends to be safe when walking to school. Prizes include pencils, rulers, erasers, flying discs, reflective slap-bands, reflective rucksack covers, and more. Contact the Road Safety Unit for a bundle of prizes.