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Bikeability Scotland training is available for all school children, but typically delivered in Primary 5 to 7 in the Highland Council area.

The training teaches children to cycle safely on the roads, learning how to deal with traffic and other hazards. Above all, Bikeability Scotland is designed to be fun and get children excited about cycling.

Bikeability Scotland can be delivered by either a trained member of staff or volunteer, delivery must be in strict accordance with the protocol documents shared directly with schools. Copies of these documents can be requested from the Bikeability Scotland Coordinator or downloaded through the links below:

Bikeability Scotland Instructor (BSI)

The following courses are available for school staff and volunteers to book on the Cycling Scotland website. Contact the Bikeability Coordinator or your local school for the required booking code:

Course dates to be confirmed for the following areas:

  • Ross-shire
  • Nairn
  • Badenoch and Strathspey

If you don't see a suitable date you can request additional courses.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments must be undertaken by the BSI/HT or the Bikeability Coordinator and added to Evolve by the school before any Bikeability session takes place.

Level 2 risk assessments must be sent to the Bikeability Coordinator (or Road Safety Team in her absence) for approval before use.

download templates for level 1 and 2

Dr Bike Sessions - 2023/2024

Free Dr Bike sessions are available to a limited number of schools who are new or returning to delivery of Level 2 On Road Bikeability.

The Bikeability Coordinator can help set up a session with a local bike shop or mechanic to ensure bikes taking part in Bikeability sessions are road worthy.

I Bike schools should arrange Dr Bike sessions through their school contact.

Bike Fleet

Funding from Cycling Scotland was secured in 2020/21 to purchase 16 bikes for use across the Highlands for Bikeability training. The bikes are available in two sizes suitable for P5 to P6 and P6 to P7.

If you would like to borrow a bike for Bikeability sessions at your school please get in touch with the Bikeability Coordinator.

Data Return Survey and Resource Order

Thank you to all who completed the 2022 to 2023 Data Return Survey.

Bikeability Scotland Coordinator (BSC) Highland

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