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Inverness Castle

Castle viewpoint leaflet

This initiative will use the opportunity of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service relocating from Inverness Castle to create a sustainable, viable and “must-see” centre that will celebrate the spirit of the Highlands. The centre will aim to attract new and repeat visitors to the area, it will include:

  • The castle viewpoint (the north tower) being refurbished (complete)
  • The wider redeveloped castle opened up as a tourist and heritage centre
  • Information and exhibits and interpretive programmes
  • Innovative digital and multimedia exhibits

Latest position

During the past year, the initial stage of the project saw LDN Architects delivering the project masterplan, including identification and exploration of development opportunities within the site. The masterplan proposals incorporate the uses outlined in the project vision, including an international-standard visitor attraction, museum and gallery facilities, public space and potential for private commercial development.  

At the same time, Leisure Development Partners (LDP) was commissioned to carry out a market and feasibility study for leisure and entertainment at the Inverness Castle site, and Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) prepared an outline financial feasibility report. Further marketing testing is being carried out by SFT to determine a financial approach that meets the project brief. SDI are also engaged in terms of market feasibility for the hotel sector.

An announcement in May 2019 confirmed the award of the contract for architect services for the next stage of the project to LDN Architects, and for creative design for the project to Creative Services (Scotland).

The information provided by LDN, LDP, SFT and others in the early stages is now contributing to the development of the project, and determining the phasing and timescales involved.  The first phase is dependent on SCTS moving to their new Justice Centre by mid-2020.

Deal Funding £15 m Scottish Government - £1.63m UK Government
Project Lead   Fiona Hampton (HLH)