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FIT House (Pan Highland)

The aim is to establish innovative assisted living schemes using the latest IT healthcare to enable elderly people to live in their communities and avoid the need for them to be sent to hospitals or care homes. A cluster will also be built in the city to suit the needs of veterans.  We offer:

  • Monitoring technology
  • Adaptable carbon construction modular homes
  • Data capture and monitoring systems
  • Support packages
  • Clinically lead evaluation programmes

Latest position

Significant progress has been made on the development of the Fit Homes digital solution, building on the prototype system already developed and deployed. We are now working with partners to develop the capacity and robustness of the solution, with a view to increasing its scope and supporting development of products to be commercialised through a new social business.

In collaboration with NHS Highland and the University of the Highlands & islands 3 co-production workshops have been held, involving residents and other stakeholders, over the course of the year, using these to narrow down and prioritise the core features that will provide value to residents, families, carers and health professionals. These workshops also offered opportunities to consider issues such as accessibility and usability of the solution, data security and data sharing. We now have a short-list of essential and desirable features to build on during the next phase.

Various factors contributed to the delay in making progress on the new build Fit Home properties. However, momentum was gained towards the end of the year as planning issues in relation to the Nairn site were nearing resolution and progress was made on acquisition of a site for veterans. Construction is expected to begin on both these sites during 2019-20, with completion in 2020-21. Momentum was also gained in identification of the remaining sites with positive progress made with stakeholders in several locations, in the north Highlands in particular.

Deal Funding £3 m Scottish Government
Project Lead Graeme Hamilton (Allbyn Housing Society ltd)

Business case