City region deal project information

West Link/Inshes

This West Link Project will allow the peripheral growth of Inverness and reduce traffic congestion in Inverness City centre.  It will also reduce existing canal bridge delays and waiting times.  The associated developments enabled by the West Link will expand the active travel network removing bottlenecks and barriers to cycling and walking and will release land for development identified in the local plan.   The Outcomes of the West Link project include

  • Reduced congestion at key junctions for both public transport and private cars within Inverness City Centre.
  • Encouragement of cycling and walking within the city centre by reducing congestion thereby making for a safer and more pleasant environment.
  • Improved journey times for movements to/from the west of the City. 
  • Tomnahurich Bridge is opened to canal traffic. It will also improve response times for emergency vehicles and bus journey time reliability.
  • Enable the development of significant areas for housing and other economic development at Ness-side and Torvean.  To date 1,500 houses have been enabled.
  • Enable the development of a City Gateway at the Caledonian Canal entrance to the city, working with partners such as Scottish Canals.
  • Provides a new facility at Canal Parks, managed by Highlife Highland, for Highland Rugby Club and the wider community.
  • Provides a reconfiguration of Torvean Golf Course, with enhanced facilities, golf development potential and a centralised location

Stage 1 of the West link - which included the Canal Parks Enhancement, completed in December 2017.  The golf course and new clubhouse was completed in spring of 2019.

West Link Stage 2

This commenced on site in June of this year and is programmed to be complete in December 2020.  The second Swing bridge means the road traffic will not be disrupted by canal traffic.  This stage includes:

  • Demolition of existing golf clubhouse, including removal and recycling of resulting materials/debris – Scheduled for late July/early August 2019
  • Construction of realigned General Booth Road, including utility diversions/kerbing/surfacing/etc – Scheduled to be completed in 2019
  • Works in canal (bridge foundations/wharf/service crossings/etc) – In canal working period from November 2019 until March 2020

Deal Funding £64.3 m Highland Council
Project Lead Junction   Bryan Stout / Garry Smith (HLH)