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Skills (Pan Highland)

To enable the Highland economy to grow and prosper, businesses need a skills set to meet current and future needs. We want to investigate, develop and deliver a Highland approach to employability and skills. A significant change like this needs:

  • Local partners to align and deliver services better (for example, National Health Service and Highland Council)
  • National partners to align or deliver services better with local partners (for example, Skills Development Scotland with Highland Council or third sector partners)
  • New services aligned with existing provision rather than imposed (for example, replacement work programme or work choice)

Latest position

Work is underway/planned to take place early in the New Year to pull partners together to progress this work including across the Skills/Inclusive Growth workstream.  To aid this work and ensure a fit with the City Region Deal, the proposal to meet with appropriate Scottish and UK Government officials to establish the scope of what is envisaged as an acceptable innovative skills/employability project, is outstanding.

Deal Funding Non funded
Project Lead Andy McCann (THC)

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