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Skills (Pan Highland)

To enable the Highland economy to grow and prosper, businesses need a skill set to meet current and future needs. We want to investigate, develop and deliver a Highland approach to employability and skills. A significant change like this needs:

  • Local partners to align and deliver services better (for example, National Health Service and Highland Council)
  • National partners to align or deliver services better with local partners (for example, Skills Development Scotland with Highland Council or third sector partners)
  • New services aligned with existing provision rather than imposed (for example, replacement work programme or work choice)

Latest position

 On 5 December 2018 the Scottish Government and Scottish Local Government agreed a Partnership Working Framework. This set out core principles and the establishment of two governance/leadership groups – one strategic and one operational. This coincided with the publication of the Scottish Government’s No One Left Behind: Review of Employability Services.

While there is no defined approach set out by the Scottish Government on how they wish this model to be developed, it can be anticipated that the development of a new local Highland employability delivery model will require an inter-agency Project to be initiated, designed and resourced.  It is envisaged that a local employability delivery model in Highland will require both a strategic and local response(s).
Deal Funding Non-funded

Project Lead Andy McCann (THC)