New housing developments

The following information may be relevant for the delivery of new housing development. 

We encourage and welcome the opportunity to provide you with advice before you formally submit your planning application. Visit our Pre-application Advice pages for more information.

Proposals for housing development will need to consider the Local Development Plans for the area where the development is proposed.  

Proposals may also be required to either provide new infrastructure or make financial contributions towards such facilites such as local schools, the environment or local services.  Further detail on this is set out in our Developer Contributions Supplementary Guidance.

Please also read our guides below:

Planning applications for new housing developments may also require an application for Road Construction Consent and a request to our Street naming and numbering service.

We also offer a Satisfaction and Discharge of Conditions service. This service makes sure we respond to information submitted to satisfy conditions within 6 weeks from receipt  and validation of your submission.  This recognises the critical importance of timing in a proposal.  If you don't use this service, our statutory response timescale for satisfaction of conditions is 3 months. You can also use this service after the development is completed if you need a letter stating that the development has been delivered in accordance with the provisions of the conditions attached to your planning permission.