Gaelic Language Plan

The Gaelic Language Plan sets out our aims and ambitions for Gaelic and details how these will be achieved.

Draft Gaelic Language Plan 2017 to 2022

This renewed and refreshed plan will not replace our Gaelic Language Plan 2012 to 2016  but builds on our on-going successes and achievements in the increase of Gaelic. 

There are 6 themes in the plan, all of which contribute to increasing the number of Gaelic speakers:

  • Gaelic in the home, early years and child care
  • Gaelic in the community
  • Gaelic in education
  • Gaelic in the arts, culture and heritage
  • Gaelic in workplace
  • Gaelic in the social, economic and cultural value of Gaelic

We commit ourselves to reviewing our progress and to preparing annual reports on the implementation of the plan. 

Finally, we will always try to improve on our performance and delivery and, in the uncertain economic times ahead, we will do all we can to provide Gaelic with a strong, prosperous and sustainable future. 

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