Gaelic as an economic and social asset

Along with Highlands and Islands Enterprise and other partners, we commissioned an independent report to survey the impact of Gaelic on businesses and social enterprises. The purpose was to gatherinformation on economic activity and commitment related to Gaelic, so that we can be better informed when making future decisions.

Research report

The report found that:

  • 60 per cent of the businesses surveyed felt that their use of Gaelic enhanced the value of the language within the community
  • Gaelic is an asset in particular when used to promote the creative industries, tourism, food and drink

The key findings from businesses and social enterprises consulted were that:

  • Gaelic is used by more than 60 per of the businesses as a key element of their product or service
  • Almost two thirds saw Gaelic as being an important element in the success of their business
  • Gaelic is particularly important to businesses operating in the creative industries
  • 70 per cent of businesses recognised Gaelic as an asset to their business
  • Almost 60 per cent of businesses that already use Gaelic see additional opportunities to make more use of the language
  • One third of businesses that saw the language as an asset could measure the value to their businesses. Of these 34 businesses, Gaelic contributed to turnover in the region of £4 million

The 2014 Royal National Mod

Hosting this high profile event in Inverness generated £3,547,661 to the business community in the city - over £1 million more than the original target. Being able to attract Gaelic related events such as the Mod and the Scottish Trad Awards and hosting the annual Blas Festival are a great bonus to the economy of the Highlands.