Council Tax

Council Tax Reduction

You may be entitled to a reduction in your bill if you are on a low income, even if you own your own home. Council Tax Reduction can't be used to reduce water or sewerage charges on your bill.

Your entitlement is automatically recalculated at the start of the new Council Tax year.

If you have a partner we will also include their income and savings when we work out any entitlement. We may also take into account the income of any other adults living with you in certain circumstances.

You can claim if you, or your partner:

  • Live in the property you're applying for
  • Are on a low income. This can be DWP benefits or low paid work
  • Are responsible for paying the Council Tax bill
  • Do not have combined savings or capital of £16,000. This is unless you're receiving Pension Credit (Guaranteed Credit)


Second Adult Rebate

If you don't qualify because your income is too high or you have too much in savings or capital, you may be entitled to a Second Adult Rebate. Check what you're entitled to by completing our Apply Once form.

Apply once

Read our basic guide for all Council Tax Bands and to help you decide whether to apply.  If your earnings are less than detailed in the table, you may qualify and the amount of assistance is worked out on a sliding scale according to your individual circumstances.

Upload evidence or other documents online

If you need to submit documents as evidence, you can use our online form to upload photos or scans of your evidence.

Upload evidence for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction