Council Tax

If you have difficulty paying

Payment dates and amounts to pay are shown on your Council Tax bill.

Normally you pay in 10 instalments but if you wish to pay in 12 instalments you must ask for this so that it can be set up. The full amount of each instalment must be paid on or before the dates detailed on your bill. You can pay weekly, as long as you pay enough to cover the full amount of the instalments by the dates on the bill.

If you are late with an instalment

If the full instalment amount is not paid by the due date detailed on the bill, you will get a combined reminder and final notice within 7 days.

If the full amount is not paid within 7 days you will lose the right to pay by instalments and will have to pay the full outstanding balance for the year, within further 14 days.

If you are late with more than two instalments we are only allowed to send two combined reminder final notices in any financial year. If you are late with a third instalment, we have to send you a final notice for the full years outstanding Council Tax.

If the full amount noted on the Final Notice is not paid by the deadline stated on the Notice, then we have no option in law but to obtain a Summary Warrant from the Sheriff Court to enforce payment. This will cost you an additional 10 per cent of the outstanding tax.

Help with paying

We understands that some people have difficulty paying their Council Tax bills. Please ask for help from us or visit a Citizens Advice Bureau.