Council Tax

If you don't agree with a Council Tax decision

You can appeal against:

  • You being named as the person responsible for paying Council Tax
  • A decision not to award a discount or disablement band reduction
  • A decision not to designate the property as an exempt dwelling

Your initial appeal must be made in writing to:

Service Delivery Manager 
PO Box 5650

You must tell us why you think our Operations Team has taken the wrong decision.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your initial appeal, please write to the Head of Revenues and Customer Services clearly stating why you disagree with the Service Delivery Manager's decision.

If you disagree with the decision of the Head of Revenues and Customer Services, you have the right to an independent appeal to the Valuation Appeal Committee. Appeals to the Valuation Appeal Committee must be made in writing to the Head of Revenues and Customer Services within 4 months from the date of your original appeal to our Service Delivery Manager, clearly stating the reasons for the appeal.

Head of Revenues and Customer Services
PO Box 5650

If you have appealed against your Council Tax liability, and or applied for benefit or other reduction or amendments, you are required by law to pay the amount detailed on your most recent Council Tax bill until the matter has been dealt with and a revised bill is issued to you. If you fall into arrears we will take further action to recover the amount due.

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