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The Elections Team have created a dedicated webpage for young voters to participate and engage in upcoming elections. You can find out more information below.

What's New?

  • We have launched our youth participation and engagement programme around the Highlands.
  • This week (30 January – 5 February) is Welcome to Your Vote week which is the ideal time to start conversations with young people about democracy, politics, and all aspects of voting.

Welcome to your vote week

  • Welcome to your vote week, is a whole week dedicated to getting those 14+ to register to vote. Voting is your key to democracy.
  • If you have already registered, don’t worry there is no need to re-register again.

Democracy Explained

  • Each election has a different voting process, If you were lucky enough to be old enough to vote in the local government election in May 2022; you would have voted using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) method.
  • Here are some helpful videos explaining each voting system:


Here are some video resources for you learn more and get involved in our #democracy.

Upcoming Elections