Statutory Review of Polling Places and Boundaries

Review of Scottish Parliamentary Boundaries

Boundaries Scotland is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations for:

  • constituencies and regions for the Scottish Parliament;
  • the number of councillors on each council in a local government area;
  • the number of wards for local government elections and their boundaries; and
  • the extent of council areas.

The Second Review of the constituencies and regions of the Scottish Parliament commenced on 1 September 2022.

The provisional proposals for constituencies are available for public consultation from  17 May 2023 here, for a statutory one month period until 17 June 2023. 

The boundary commission may consult on revised proposals for constituencies in late 2023/ 2024 and will consult on proposals for the boundaries of Scottish Parliament regions in 2024 a report to be submitted to Scottish Ministers by 1 May 2025. If subsequently approved by the Scottish Parliament, the new boundaries will be effective at the next Scottish Parliament election, expected in May 2026.