Duncraig Educational Trust Scheme

Eligible Specialist Courses

Funding is targeted specifically to help young people with exceptional merit, attainment and promise to achieve their potential through specialist post-school training. Funding may consider the financial and other circumstances of the applicant.

Priority is given to young people who have been selected to attend specialist institutions which primarily deliver vocational and practical training or mainstream academic studies which have a focus on one or more of the council's five priorities:

  • A Fair and Caring Highland
  • Resilient and Sustainable Communities
  • Accessible and Sustainable Highland Homes
  • A Sustainable Highland Environment and Global Centre for Renewable Energy
  • A Resilient and Sustainable Council

Grant applications which encourage the use of Gaelic language and Highland culture are also welcomed.

Applicants need to provide confirmation that they have been offered and have registered on the course before any grant that is awarded can be paid.