Duncraig Educational Trust Scheme

Eligible Specialist Courses

Funding is targeted specifically to help young people with an exceptional or unique talent achieve their potential through specialist post-school training. This means that funding is not available for most college and university courses or for courses that are part of the school curriculum.

Competition is intense and priority is given to young people who have been selected to attend specialist elite institutions which primarily deliver vocational and practical training rather than institutions that offer mainstream academic studies. For example, funding may be available for courses provided by specialist elite music or drama institutions but would not normally be available to study these subjects at university.  

All specialist courses must be accredited and places awarded by a competitive and recognised selection process.  This will include audition where appropriate. 

The Trust is designed to help exceptionally talented young people and it is very unlikely that an award would be made for a specialist course below HND or equivalent level.

Applicants need to provide confirmation that they have been offered and have registered on the course before any grant that is awarded can be paid.