Duncraig Educational Trust Scheme

Terms and Conditions of Award

Data protection

We will use the personal information you provide in the following ways so please think about whether you are willing to accept these before you make an application:

  • To process and validate your application
  • To publicise the scheme as detailed in the general terms and conditions below

General terms and conditions:

  1. Awards must only be used for the purposes for which they were allocated
  2. Awards will be paid when the recipient has signed and returned one copy of the offer letter and provided all the information required such as confirmation of registration on a specialist course
  3. All award recipients must submit a short Report on Award on what the grant from the trust has helped them achieve
    • The report must be countersigned by an independent person who is in position to vouch for the recipient’s achievements, performance and progress (for example head of department, tutor of a specialist course or sports coach or representative of the relevant national governing body of sport)
    • The information given in the report may be used in publicity about the scheme
    • Applicants who have applied to the Trust before, but are not applying again, should submit the report no later than 30 April of the following year
    • Applicants who have applied successfully before and are applying again must send the report with their new application
  4. Information about the awards will be publicised and, on occasions, recipients of awards may be asked to take part in specific publicity events such as photo opportunities
  5. The standard publicity information will include the following:
    • Name of recipient of the award
    • School attended
    • Amount of award
    • The purpose of the award
    • Report on what the award has helped the recipient achieve
  6. As the governing body of the trust, we reserve the right to withdraw awards if the recipient of the funding fails to make reasonable progress or is guilty of serious misconduct. In these circumstances our decision is final