Duncraig Educational Trust Scheme

Further Information

You can only receive a maximum of four awards from the Trust.

Applying again

All grants are made on a one-off basis. If you received an award from the Trust previously and you still meet the essential criteria for the scheme, you can apply again.

If you received an award before and want to apply again, however, you must send us a Report on Award with your application form as we will not be able to consider a new application from you without it.

The report must be countersigned by an independent person who is in position to vouch for your achievements, performance and progress (for example, head of department, tutor of a specialist course or sports coach or representative of the relevant national governing body of sport)

The information given in the report may be used in publicity about the scheme.


As the funds are limited and demand is very high, priority is generally given to young people:

  • Who attend or have attended a Highland secondary school for a minimum of two years
  • Who completed their secondary school education in The Highland Council area
  • Whose financial or personal circumstances might prevent them achieving their potential in one of the identified areas