Apply for a house

The Highland Housing Register is a Common Housing Register with the main housing associations in the Highlands, anyone looking for social rented housing only has to fill in one application form. All applications are then assessed, and awarded points, based on the Highland Housing Register Allocations Policy.

Anyone aged 16 years or over can apply for a house from any of the partner landlords.

To apply online, you must be registered or signed in to myaccount.


Paper copies of this application are available at our Service Points

If you have been asked to or need to submit further information for your housing application, you can use our online form to upload photos, documents or scans of your evidence.

Upload evidence for your Housing application

If you need any further information, or want to discuss your application, please contact the Highland Council or any of the Highland Housing Register Partners.

You may find a new home quicker with one of the other housing choices in Highland

If you have a complaint about how your application has been managed or handled, you should complain to the office which is managing your application.

Staying on the housing application list

If you have received a letter from us about re-registering, tell us if you want to remain on the list or be taken off.

Re-register to remain on housing list