Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Tariff Information

A usage tariff applies to all Highland Council owned public EV charge points. Tariff information is available on the Charge Place Scotland website. Signage and notices have been installed on all sites to notify users of the tariff.

We offer the following types of chargers:

  • Journey chargers (up to 43-50kW) – for top-ups, or people making an unplanned journey.
  • Destination chargers (up to 7kW-22kW) - for when the vehicle will be parked for a while, for example, while shopping or working in town, or while left parked overnight at your local area.

All chargers owned and maintained by us currently have the following tariff rates applied:

Journey Charger

All sockets on a Journey charge point are subject to this tariff.

  • 70p per kWh
  • £1 minimum charge
  • Overstay charge applied after 45 minutes, £1/min thereafter

Destination Charger

  • 35p per kWh
  • £1 minimum charge
  • No overstay fee applied

The Journey chargers also apply an overstay fee of up to £30 (£1/minute) if a vehicle is plugged in for more than 60 minutes, and people who stay too long could additionally be subject to a £30 Penalty Charge issued by our Parking Attendants. These measures are intended to ensure that drivers move on as soon as possible and the space is left available for the next vehicle that needs a rapid top-up.

Members of the Economy & Infrastructure Committee on 2 February 2023 approved a tariff increase for all electric vehicle charge points owned and operated by The Highland Council.

Onsite signage is being changed, the timescale to undertake this is longer than anticipated due to the extensive area that we cover. We anticipate that all signage across all charge points will be in place very soon.