Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Tariff Information

From 1st June 2021, a usage tariff applies to all Highland Council owned public EV charge points. Tariff information is available on the Charge Place Scotland website. Signage and notices have been installed on all sites to notify users of the tariff.

All chargers have a minimum charge of £1 per session. The following tariff applies:

  • 30p per kWh for Journey Chargers (43kW+)
  • 20p per kWh for Destination Chargers (22kW or less)

Journey chargers have a limitation on use of 45 minutes, with a 15-minute grace period. After this period has expired, an overstay charge of £1 per minute will be applied. This is to encourage drivers to move on in order to ensure that the space is available for the next person who needs a Rapid top-up.

Please see the below for information on the tariffs:

Journey Charger

  • 30p per kWh
  • £1 minimum charge
  • Overstay charge applied after 45 minutes (+15 minute grace period, £1/min thereafter)
Destination (22kW or less) Charger
  • 20p per kWh
  • £1 minimum charge