Local Place Plans

What are Local Place Plans?

A Local Place Plan is a community-led document that aims to easily convey a community’s proposals for the development or use of land and buildings in their local area.

Introduced by the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, Local Place Plans are a way for community councils or community-controlled bodies to engage with their local community, to think about how to make their place better, to agree priorities, and to take action (often working with others).

For information on the stages of Local Place Plan preparation, from draft, to proposed, to finalised, and then to registered, read our Local Place Plan Preparation Flow Chart.

For information on the Government requirements for Local Place Plans, plus the things that we ask for to aid the Local Place Plan validation process, read our Local Place Plan Template Guidance.

Read our latest Local Place Plan update.


Local Place Plans can be submitted at any time.

However, because we are currently in the evidence gathering stage for a new Local Development Plan, we have set a date by which Local Place Plans should be registered.

The deadline we have set of Friday 27 September 2024 is the date by which Local Place Plans should have passed our checking process for Local Place Plan validation, and be capable of being registered.

The minimum time anticipated for our checking process for Local Place Plan validation is 10 working days.

If you are able to submit further ahead of the deadline than this, that would be appreciated, as we may need to come back to you for amendments to your submission during the checking process.

Following our earlier awareness-raising of Local Place Planning, our formal invitation to prepare Local Place Plans was issued on 29 June 2023. We subsequently further extended our deadline for the registration of Local Place Plans from 28 June 2024 to 27 September 2024.

The role of Local Place Plans

In the Local Development Plan

Local Place Plans can play a part in shaping the Local Development Plan for a region.

Registered Local Place Plans will not be part of the Local Development Plan but inform the preparation of it. Registered Local Place Plans are considered to supplement, rather than replace, existing means of community engagement.

Local Place Plans registered by ourselves within the set timeframe, will be taken into account in preparing the new Local Development Plan from the outset of its preparation.

Local Place Plans registered outwith the set timeframe will be taken into account at the next opportunity presented by the programme for Local Development Plan preparation.

As part of our review of the evidence for the new Local Development Plan, we will show how elements in the registered Local Place Plans have been taken into account and why they have or have not been accepted.

In planning applications

All Local Place Plans registered by us can be a material consideration when planning applications are being considered by our Planning Authority.

Potential source of funding for Local Place Planning

Applications for Community Regeneration Funding from rural community organisations are invited. The deadline for submissions is 12pm on Wednesday 17 July 2024.

Highland Local Place Plans Learning Event

We held a learning event about Local Place Plans with communities in Highland on 28 May 2024.

Further advice on the preparation of local place plans