Decriminalised parking enforcement

Permission to park in a restricted area

If you need to keep your vehicle at a restricted location for construction works or similiar you can apply for a "dispensation" to allow for extended stay up to 1 hour. Dispensations are not provided for other reasons.

Alternatively an hour between 8am and 9am and an hour between 5pm and 6pm can be provided to allow transfer of materials, tools etc.

Dispensations cover single and double yellow lines as well as loading and permit bays out with the loading prohibition times (these are listed on signs at the location). They do not cover double yellow lines with double blip kerb markings.

A dispensation is issued to specific vehicles and is not transferrable.

We will not issue dispensations for:

  • convenience
  • free parking
  • loading during the restricted periods
  • pay and display bays
  • disabled bays
  • car club bays
  • school restrictions
  • bus stops
  • taxi ranks
  • on a footway
  • at locations causing an obstruction
  • requests where there are doubts concerning the validity of the application

In the case where a tradesperson or contractor is just looking for a place nearby to park then they will not be granted dispensation unless they can demonstrate that they require their vehicle to carry out the work. (for example a generator on a van, hoses)

You should note that dispensation does not permit general parking, and it does not allow the vehicle to remain in the restricted or prohibited area once the dispensation purpose has been fulfilled.

The vehicle will receive a Penalty Charge Notice if the dispensation is not being used correctly or if the vehicle is not in the agreed location.

You must provide reasonable advanced notice for any application.

Apply for permission to park in a restricted area

If you can't make an online application you can call 01463 239 786 between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Sunday to discuss.

Our Dispensation Policy