Decriminalised parking enforcement



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that The Highland Council propose to make an Order entitled as above in terms of Sections 32(1) and 45(2) and Part IV of Schedule 9 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

When the Order comes into effect the Order will create parking places for the use of disabled persons’ vehicles only on the areas of road detailed in the Schedule 1 hereto and delete parking places for the use of disabled persons’ vehicles on the areas of road detailed in the Schedule 2 hereto

Copies of the proposed Order, as drafted, together with a copy of the relevant plans, a copy of the Authority’s Statement of Reasons for proposing to make the Order and a copy of the Orders to be amended.

Any person wishing to object to the proposed Orders should write to the undersigned specifying the Order to which objection is being made, and the grounds of the objection. All letters of objection must be received by the undersigned within 21 days from 4th June 2020.  

Shona Pottinger, Solicitor, The Highland Council, County Buildings, Dingwall or email   

The effect of the Order will be to amend by adding or deleting some Disabled Persons Parking Places in Lochaber. You can view all documentation by selecting the following:


2018 Further rollout of Decriminalised Parking Enforcement ON Street - Details of MADE Order

The following locations link to map based Traffic Regulation Orders detailing on-street waiting and loading restrictions to be delivered by The Highland Council (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading and Parking Places) (Decriminalised Parking Enforcement and Consolidation) Variation Three Order 2018  - This Order will come into force on 14 May 2019 with certain items set aside for further review and consultation.

Maps for review


This Order will be MADE on  30 April 2019

Please email any questions and your contact details to

2019 - Permit Parking update, transfer to Zones

We are moving many streets into groups of streets known as Permit Zones, these will increase availability for users and make enforcement and management of the schemes easier.

Terms and conditions for 2019

The zones will be introduced during April/May 2019. Each zone will have a unique reference number and each  permit bay sign will indicate if it is part of a zone.

We will also be updating the online application process so customers can "self service" and keep better track of their permits. You will still be able to visit any service point for help if needed.

2018 Amendments to the On Street Traffic Order for Fort William

2018 Tariff Changes

The following Notice informed the public that Charges and Fees at the listed locations will be as published from the 23rd of April 2018

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