Voting Information

Polling Places and Polling Stations - Where to Vote

A 'polling place' is defined as the building or area in which a polling station will be located. A 'polling station' is the room or area within the polling place where voting takes place. Unlike polling districts and polling places which are fixed by the local authority, polling stations are chosen by the Returning Officer for the election.

You can find your nearest polling station using our Polling Station Finder.

  • Click/tap the Polling Station Finder button below
  • Click/tap OK on the message box that appears on the map
  • Enter your address or postcode in the search box at the top right of the map
  • Hit enter or click/tap the 'Apply' button
  • The results will appear on-screen with your nearest polling station details
  • Click on your address and it will zoom into your nearest polling station
  • You can zoom in and out and the map by using the +/- buttons on the map or pinch/zoom on mobile/tablet devices