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Accessibility at Elections

Digital Accessibility - Computer My Way Guides available to support you

Voting if you have a disability

From spring 2023 onwards there will be changes which aim to provide greater flexibility and choice in how disabled voters are supported to vote at polling stations.

Disabled voters will be able to choose anyone who is over 18 to accompany them in the polling station to help them vote, including carers who may not themselves be eligible to vote at the election. 

There will also be changes to the assistance available at polling stations. Returning Officers need to take all reasonable steps to provide support for disabled voters at polling stations. This will improve the range and quality of support available and speed up the process of providing additional support where needed. 

Guides for voters with a learning disability

You can view easy read guides about:

Guides for voters who are partially sighted, blind or deaf

You can download the following guide from the Electoral Commission about voting if you are blind or partially sighted.

You can also view British Sign Language (BSL) videos about:

Contact Scotland BSL is Scotland’s national British Sign Language video interpreting relay service (VRS) available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for all Scottish Callers