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Accessibility at Elections

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Voting if you have a disability.

Taking someone with you

Anyone who has a disability can now take someone with them into the polling station to help them to vote. The person helping you must be of the legal age to vote.

Additional equipment in polling stations ​

As far as reasonable and practicable, accessibility needs of electors have been considered, with providing equipment and reasonable adjustments as follows:

  • Disabled parking and ramps for easy access
  • Wheelchair access booths and voting booth positioned in such a way to capture best lighting
  • Chairs for people who cannot stand for long periods
  • An accessibility voting pack which contains pencil grips, large copies of the ballot paper, Tactile voting devices for people with a visual impairment, large magnifiers, and any other equipment where possible to improve accessibility

Any disability aids that the voter usually uses e.g. mobile phone app may also be used at the polling station to assist with voting.

Ask for additional support

If you would like to make a request before polling day for any additional support or reasonable adjustments not listed, please email the Election Office at or call 01349 886657 to see if we can help.

Guides for voters with a learning disability

You can view easy read guides about:

You can view British Sign Language (BSL) videos about:

Contact Scotland BSL is Scotland’s national British Sign Language video interpreting relay service (VRS) available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for all Scottish Callers

Voter ID information in accessible formats

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