Local Place Plans

Communities can submit ideas and proposals for their area 

Introduced by the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, Local Place Plans are a way for communities to think about how to make their place better, to agree priorities, and to take action (often working with others).

In preparing Local Place Plans, communities can express their aspirations and priorities for the future of their place through proposals for the development or use of land and buildings.

Extended deadline

Local Place Plans can be submitted at any time.

However, because we are currently in the evidence gathering stage for a new Local Development Plan, we have set a date by which Local Place Plans should be registered.

On 30 June 2023 we issued our formal invitation to prepare Local Place Plans. 

On 9 October 2023 we extended the Local Place Plan submission deadline. 

The extended deadline of Friday 27 September 2024 is the date by which Local Place Plans must be capable of being registered by The Highland Council. Submissions ahead of the extended deadline are encouraged, to provide more time for the checking process.

Once registered, Local Place Plans will be taken into account as evidence for the new Local Development Plan and can also be a material consideration when planning applications are being considered by the Planning Authority.

The current Development Plan

Whilst Local Place Plans seek to influence the content of a new Local Development Plan, they must take account the national and local development plans for the community in which they are being prepared. 

The development plan for Scotland is contained in the National Planning Framework.

The local development plan for Highland comprises of four planning policy documents. Our general development policies are contained in the Highland-wide Local Development Plan, which should be read with the Local Development Plan for your area. Our three area local development plans contain the allocations and area-specific development policies for:

  • Inner Moray Firth
  • Caithness and Sutherland
  • West Highland and Islands

Read the National Planning Framework and four Local Development Plans that we use to guide development and investment in Highland.

Locality Plans

If applicable, a Local Place Plan needs to have regard for any Locality Plan for its area. To see any Locality Plans for our area, visit the Highland Community Planning Partnership website.

The new Local Development Plan

As part of our review of the evidence for the new Local Development Plan, we will be showing how proposals in the registered Local Place Plans have been taken into account and why they have or have not been accepted.

When finalised and adopted in 2027, the new Local Development Plan will replace all four of our current Local Development Plans.