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The Highland Council Election

The Scottish Local Government Election for The Highland Council is due to take place on Thursday 5 May 2022.

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Local Councillors are responsible for making decisions on your behalf about local services.

Elections as prescribed by the Scottish Parliament are held to elect Councillors to 32 local authorities in Scotland. Each local government area in Scotland is divided into electoral wards and there is a separate election for each electoral ward. The number of Councillors returned in each electoral ward is either three or four.

As a result of the Local Government Boundary Scotland Review 2019, the final proposal for Highland Council areas was not approved by Parliament and therefore the ward boundaries from the 5th review which was effective from May 2017 remain in place with the Highland Council area consisting of 21 electoral wards. Maps showing the boundaries of the electoral wards of The Highland Council can be downloaded from the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland website or in the map below (Click on top of your home in the map below to get a link to your ward):

Councillors are elected through the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system which allows voters to express a preference for more than one candidate. 

There is further information about the Single Transferable Vote system below:

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