Employment at elections

Working in a polling station

At each election we have over 250 polling stations spread across the geographical area of the Highland Council. On the day of the poll, we need experienced and new staff to work in these polling stations.  Each polling station has a minimum of 2 staff allocated, with larger stations having more appointed staff. Polling staff are responsible for making sure everyone who is entitled to vote can, without facing barriers or under any influence.

Polls are run from 7am to 10pm. If you work at a polling station you will need to set up your equipment the night before and arrive by 6:30am at the latest on the day of poll to ensure that you are ready to open at 7am.

Polling station staff are not permitted to leave the premises between 7am and 10pm. You should take enough food and drink with you for the whole day. It is a long day, and you must be willing to work more hours than the working time directive limit.

Training will be provided online.

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