Sharing temporary tenancies

We are now offering shared temporary tenancies to homeless households. This is to provide more lower-cost higher quality temporary accommodation.
This is aimed at homeless applicants in Inverness who are willing to share a 2 bedroomed temporary flat or house. They should be able to manage their shared tenancies without problems.  

Benefits of sharing:

  • You can get a good standard of temporary housing at a more affordable price - rent and bills are halved with a housemate
  • Instead of sharing accommodation with several others, sharing would only be with 1 person
  • We will help you find people to share with
  • We will also help and support sharers to settle in
  • Sharers will be able to lock their room to give them peace of mind
  • It doesn’t affect homeless rights – these will stay the same

Many more households are choosing to share - and finding that it works for them 

What to do if you are interested and you received a letter:

Read our sharing tenancies leaflet

Sharers Charter

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