Council house repairs

What our contractors should do

Our contractors will deal with you in a professional way.

Our contractors must

  • Introduce themselves and show you their identification card before entering your home
  • Explain what they are going to do and how this will affect you
  • Take care of your property and possessions, protecting them from damage, dust and paint and make sure materials and tools do not cause danger to you or your visitors
  • Keep your home secure at all times
  • Clear up rubbish and remove it at the end of each working day
  • Make sure essential services are connected at the end of each day and when the repair is completed

Our contractors should not

  • Smoke in your home
  • Play radios on site
  • Carry out any additional work unless instructed to do so by a Council officer

Other guidance 

  • Contractors cannot be left alone in your home or only with children present (under 16). If you go out they may have to leave the property and wait for your to return
  • You should not leave your key hidden, or with someone else, for a contractor to let themselves in and be alone in your home
  • In bad weather, contractors cannot, for their own safety, work at height, for example, on ladders, scaffolding or the roof
  • You are expected to allow contractors to get on with their work. Keep children and pets out of their way and make sure the area they are working in is clear of furniture. If they are working outside, you should take action to protect precious plants etc from damage
  • If furniture or carpets need to be moved before repair work can be done, you must do this before work starts. Contractors may be willing to help but cannot accept any responsibility for damage caused