Council house repairs

Our response times for repairs

When you request a repair, we assess the problem and tell you how long it will take to fix. 

We have an appointment system for non-emergency repairs.

Your rights

Some repairs must be completed by us within the emergency or high priority timescales or you can ask for compensation. Find out more under our Right to Repair Scheme.

Response categories


  • We respond immediately and complete the work in 24 hours.
  • We aim to remove immediate danger to people, avoid serious damage to the property or make the property secure. It may be that initially only enough work is done to make the situation safe.

High priority

  • We complete the work within 3 working days.
  • We aim to overcome serious inconvenience to the tenant or to prevent further damage or a potential health or security problem.


  • Where the fault does not cause serious danger or inconvenience to the occupants or the public.
  • We aim to complete routine repairs within 20 working days. However, if an inspection of the fault is required, then we will aim to arrange an inspection and complete the repair in 30 working days.

Low priority 

  • Some repairs may be allocated to a planned programme of work. You will be told when this happens.