Your council tenancy

Adding someone to your tenancy

You can ask us to have another person added to your tenancy if:

• both you and the proposed joint tenant must have lived at the property as your/their only or main home for the 12 months before you apply for them to become a joint tenant;


• the 12 month period cannot begin unless we have been told that the person you want to become the joint tenant is living in the property as their only or principal home. We must have been told that by the tenant, a joint tenant, or the person now wishing to become a joint tenant. If we have already been told that the person is living in the property we do not have to be notified again.

We have the right to refuse this request if it is considered reasonable to do so – some of the reasons we may consider are;

  • The conditions above have not been met;
  • We have served you with a “notice of proceedings” informing you we may recover the property because you have rent arrears or for other reasons such as anti-social behaviour
  • We have obtained an order for possession from the court and intend to evict you;
  • It would cause overcrowding ;
  • Highland Council is proposing to carry out work to the house which will affect the accommodation likely to be used;

    These reasons are not exhaustive – if in doubt, check with your housing officer.

If you feel the above conditions have been satisfied, please complete the attached form:

Permission to add someone to your tenancy