Your council tenancy

Adding someone to your tenancy

You can ask us to have another person added to your tenancy. This means you will have a joint tenancy, which is when two or more people sign a tenancy agreement and jointly agree to share responsibility and keep to its conditions.

This is a legal agreement between you and the other person, or people, and us. It means that you are all equally responsible for keeping to all the tenancy agreement conditions, including the payment of rent.

You can ask us to do this if:

  • both you and the proposed joint tenants have lived at the property as your, and their, only or main home for at least a year
  • they have been registered with us, as part of your household, for at least a year

We will only refuse a joint tenancy if we have reasonable grounds to do so. Some of the reasons we may consider refusing are if:

  • the previous conditions have not been met
  • we have started taking action against you for rent arrears, anti-social behaviour or for another issue with your tenancy
  • we are in the process of evicting you
  • it would cause overcrowding
  • we are proposing to carry out work to the property

These reasons are not exhaustive. If in doubt, check with your housing officer.

If you feel you meet the criteria, please complete our permission to add someone to your tenancy form.