Your council tenancy

Making alterations to your home

You must get our written permission before you make any alterations or improvements to your house.

Alterations request form

These alterations and improvements can include:

  • Altering, improving, or enlarging the house, or its fixtures or fittings
  • Adding new fixtures or fittings (for example, kitchen or bathroom installations, central heating or other fixed heaters, double glazing or any kind of external aerial or satellite dish)
  • Putting up a garage, shed or other structure
  • Decorating the outside of the house
  • Fitting CCTV to your home - please speak to your Housing Maintenance Officer as there is legislation you need to take into account. You should read the advice available from the Information Commissioners Office  before making an application.

We will not refuse permission unreasonably, but we may apply some conditions regarding the standard of work and who does the work.