Fort William 2040 (FW2040)

Future Priorities

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Priorities for the coming year for FW2040 include:

  • Consulting on, and developing, a comprehensive action plan for the regeneration of Fort William town centre. This will identify and deliver specific priority actions for the short term
  • Work to produce a Development Framework with options for the re-development of the waterfront and enhanced public access
  • Consideration of options for the future of the Nevis Centre and indoor sports/ leisure/arts and culture provision in Fort William
  • Responding to the final recommendations of the second Strategic Transport Projects Review and their implications for Fort William. Collaborative work to help develop an Integrated Transport Plan for Fort William
  • Ongoing support and development of existing projects on the FW2040 Masterplan
  • Further community consultation as to new projects to develop and include in the FW2040 Masterplan