School Estate Management

Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC)

The Highland Council has two schools that are known to have buildings that contain RAAC components in their roof and wall construction; these are Charleston Academy and Nairn Academy.

The Council reacted in response to the further guidance that was issued by the Institution of Structural Engineers in April 2023 and engaged a firm of Chartered Engineers with the required expertise and experience to undertake detailed investigations and assessments at Charleston Academy and Nairn Academy during the summer holiday period. A contractor was also appointed as soon as practicable to carry out the works required to allow reoccupation of the affected areas.

Further to the updates issued in August, the RAAC Survey Final Reports from the external Consulting Engineers have since received and circulated to the parent bodies of both schools.

The information contained in the report supports the statements made in the previous updates.

Remedial works to areas that were categorised as High Risk (i.e., were to be completed immediately and prior to being reoccupied) were either completed by the start of the new school session or the areas made secure so that they were not accessible.

Remedial works to areas that were categorised as Medium Risk (i.e., to be completed within the next year) are underway and will continue during term time and over the October holiday period.