School Estate Management

Ness Castle, Inverness - New Primary School

Following the conclusion of a statutory consultation process in 2018, the Council agreed to establish a new primary school in Inverness to serve the Ness Castle and Ness-Side housing developments on a reserved site at Ness Castle. The school building is designed in such a way to allow it to be extended in a phased manner to meet future demands arising from housebuilding in the catchment area. The first phase will deliver up to 12 classrooms and nursery accommodation, with the completed building eventually containing up to 24 classrooms. 

Kier Construction were appointed as the design and build contractor for the first phase, working in conjunction with the Council’s in-house Property teams to deliver the project. 

Construction work commenced in May 2021 but progress was delayed due to the impact of the pandemic and other factors during the construction period.

An interim plan to establish the new Ness Castle Primary School at the Holm Primary School campus was implemented from the start of the school session in August 2022,using a combination of available classrooms at Holm and additional modular classroom units.

The new building was handed over to the Council in January 2023 and opened to pupils and staff on Monday 27 February 2023.

Ness Castle Stakeholder Group Meeting